Small Size Does Not Equal Beauty

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Small Size Does Not Equal Beauty

“Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same.”  ~ Francesca Reigler

Embrace yourself as you are! If you don’t, who will?

Here are some words from my client, Laura:

As most people that have spent more than 10 minutes in North America would realize, we have an unhealthy obsession with body image.  If you are even slightly over weight, you are made to believe that you are unpretty, so being 28 and 100lbs over weight, I could only believe I was nothing but ugly.  People around me would try to convince me otherwise, but I figured the only way to know the truth is to get in front of a lens since a camera is nothing but brutally honest.

I felt immediately comfortable with Katie even before meeting with her since she reassured me that size does not equal beauty and she will make sure to prove it to me with her talent.  She responded to my numerous questions, and when the time came for me to put on something pretty and pose, she stayed professional and friendly.  When I got the pictures back I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only were the pictures gorgeous, they not only highlighted my positive points, they hid my insecurities, therefore allowing me to see what everyone else does.  I ended up ordering more pictures than my package since I couldn’t choose, and I even asked for them to be minimally edited because they were stunning in the raw format.  Now whenever I feel insecure, ugly or fat, I look at one of Katie’s pictures that are positioned around my house and remind myself that is me, natural and attractive. Thank you Katie for finally making me see what a mirror refuses to show and my eyes cannot believe: my beauty.

Beautiful boudoir no matter what size or shape.


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