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Boudoir, Nude, Maternity & Portrait Photography Services

A range of flexible packages are available which can be tailored to your unique needs, desires and creative goals. For full details and pricing, please contact Katie Refling Photography. Click Here to get your Photography Service Info Kit.

Each photo session is tailored for you – you won’t be just a cog in a tired formula.

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I would highly recommend Katie Refling Photography. I chose to have a photo shoot with Katie after seeing her portfolio. I appreciated that there were women of all shapes and sizes, and every one of them looked beautiful. Katie has the ability to bring out beauty in her subjects in a very tasteful manner.

I decided to do a set of photos because I wanted an objective view of myself after having lost a lot of weight. I also wanted a record of what I looked like at 55, so that I would be able to see that middle age was not so bad.

The photo shoot itself was a great experience. Katie helped me pick out some outfits from the many that I brought with me. My hair and make up were done by a very patient professional, who left before any pictures were taken. I was a bit nervous, but that was quickly relieved by Katie’s professional approach. She directed me through every shot, and it felt like the most natural thing to be doing. I have always thought that I was not “photogenic,” but I have changed that opinion now that I have seen the pictures.

Once the session was done, I was sent proof sheets of the many shots that Katie took. There were so many great shots, it was fun, but a challenge to narrow down my choices for the final output. Katie then adjusted the photos for shadows and colour depth and removed some of the little flaws in my skin. I appreciated that Katie left my wrinkles in! After all, at 55, you’d expect to see wrinkles! I am very happy with the results!

I think this experience was good for my self confidence and self image, and I intend to do this again when I am 60! Thanks Katie!

A. L.

I just wanted to let you know that the pictures were absolutely amazing!! My husband liked them, but more importantly, I liked them. I know that they’re only pictures. But this whole experience was more than just ‘getting pictures taken’. I admit, I was a nervous wreck. But after I felt so confident. And after seeing the pictures, I felt even more confident. I’ve been so negative about my body image after having kids, but you know what? I’m pretty content with myself now.

Last year, I started a few steps in improving my health, confidence by joining yoga, getting a wardrobe stylist to get me out of the rut of wearing jogging pants. I’m not trying to tell you my whole life story. But this experience was in some regard the ‘last step’ in getting confident, and getting out there in the workforce, being more happy, etc. I felt awkward, embarrassed, and weird in getting pictures done thinking what the hell am I doing? But you made it a comfortable and an easy going environment.

In seeing my pictures, it makes me feel that I can do anything, and not be hesitant or nervous. The pictures are beautiful. The whole experience is priceless!

Thanks again. I would recommend getting pictures done to every woman that I know. It just does so much for your self confidence. And after seeing the pictures, like I said I felt confident. But now I’m confident in other areas in my life too.

H. C.

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