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The Luxe Hotel Difference…
Nude and Boudoir Photo Shoots in the studio are always an amazing experience as are the photos that come out of the session. But every once in a while it’s great to get out of the studio and into an environment that is all about luxury and sensuality, fun and flirtation. These sessions don’t happen often, and fill up very quickly, so make sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible!

Luxury Boutique Hotels are a perfect place for a special kind of boudoir photo shoot. The approach and final look of the photos is different as the setting allows us to take a more photojournalistic and candid approach. We can still accomplish the same feel as in the studio with lighting and intimacy, but we’ll have the luxe hotel room as our backdrop.

For the fifth time around for the Luxe Boudoir Hotel Sessions, everything was stepped up a notch at the ultra-exclusive and high-end Trump International Hotel and Tower, Toronto. The Trump has been rated the #1 hotel in Toronto by Trip Advisor and is dripping with extrvagance and luxury.

What will the sixth luxury boutique hotel boudoir extravaganza bring? Stay tuned!

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October 21, 22 & 23, 2011!! – SoHo Met Hotel, Toronto. Sold out!
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