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Boudoir Photography Featured on Award-Winning Positive Body Image Boosting Program “How To Look Good Naked”

Katie Refling had the privilege of being the chosen photographer on “How To Look Good Naked Canada”. For anyone who has seen the Canadian, British or American version of the show, you’ll know it’s focused on empowering women to feel and look their best – no matter what their shape or size. It’s about bringing out your beauty from the inside, feeling sexy and loving the skin you’re in right now.

how-to-look-good-naked-canada-2Katie recalls, “Working with the women on the show during their nude photo shoots was an experience I’ll never forget. Not only did they strip down for my camera, but did so being filmed for national television! These were every day women that, like many of us, had some serious issues with their bodies and self-esteem before taking part in the show.


Most of the women I worked with didn’t even like to look at themselves naked, but came into our photo shoot with such courage and enthusiasm it was inspiring. In their final photos, you can see the strength that lies within them and they look absolutely gorgeous flaunting all they’ve got!

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