Gertie: Boudoir Client Feature of the Month!

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Gertie: Boudoir Client Feature of the Month!

I love how I never really know who will walk through the doors of my studio. All I know for sure is she will be a woman courageous enough to step out of the box and do something different, to go somewhere she secretly always wanted to go, but never really knew if she’d be brave enough.

Every month I’m going to pay tribute on this blog to one of these remarkable women. This month I chose Gertie. Like most, she was nervous coming into the shoot, and didn’t feel so great about her body, but by the time her hair and makeup were done, you never would have guessed it. Her bubbly personality made her so enjoyable to shoot, and she had an intensity that was inspiring. Her photos came out great – you saw Gertie in them, and that’s my number one goal in any session. I want it to be more about the woman herself, not her body.

After the photo shoot, I received a letter from Gertie letting me know how our shoot took her on a “wonderful journey of self discovery” and she wrote how she began to like her body and experienced a huge jolt to her self-esteem. This is exactly what makes nude and boudoir photo shoots so amazing and rewarding to everyone involved.

Boudoir Photography by Katie Refling Client Feature

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