Bravery Facing a Double Mastectomy

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Bravery Facing a Double Mastectomy

nude-photographyRecently, a client of mine emailed me about a close relative who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She wanted to know if I would take her photos before she went in for a double mastectomy that was scheduled only a few days away. We weren’t sure that she would be up to such an emotional experience having just been diagnosed, let alone only days away from going into such a life-changing surgery, but she decided to go forward with the photo shoot.

I will never forget meeting her. She is by far one of the most courageous women I have met and it was an honour to be able to document this journey she was now on.   During the shoot there was an overwhelming intensity about her; she embodied such grace and resilience that every photograph I took seemed to capture the very essence of her strength.

She has requested to remain anonymous, but I wanted to take this opportunity to share part of her story with you all in hopes it will inspire something within you.

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