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Katie Refling

I love my job. I meet all kinds of women, from all walks of life, who come into the studio for a multitude of reasons. There is often a beautiful energy in the studio during photo shoots – it’s an amazing thing to celebrate who you are, ‘flaws’ and all. We live in a world that tries hard to tear women down; I try to help them build up.

I never thought I would end up running a nude and boudoir photography studio, but the best things in life are never planned.

In the Spring of 2008 I took a huge risk and dove into the competitive world of professional photography. Following a love of documenting everything, I started Katie Refling Photography. I started to see a steady stream of clients for all sorts of shoots; from head-shots to architectural to weddings… and then it all changed. I had my first request for an artistic nude maternity shoot and loved everything about it. It was such a rewarding experience for my client and myself – both creatively and emotionally, and I immediately knew I had found my craft.

When I was asked by the W Network to be the lead photographer on “How To Look Good Naked Canada” I was thrilled. The women I got to work with were in dire need of a self-esteem boost and I personally know that at least three of the six women I photographed had an awakening and totally turned their life around. This intensified my passion for artistic nude and boudoir photography ten fold. The positive impact these shoots have on women’s lives is positively contagious.

Over 2750 women have walked through the doors of my studio since I started and I still get goosebumps when I get “that shot”. This is truly my passion and it translates into my photography.

What I want you to know…

When you walk through the doors to my studio you may be a little (or maybe even VERY) nervous knowing what you’re about to embark on. It’s one thing scrolling through gorgeous boudoir photos on Pinterest and fantasizing about doing your own shoot, but it’s an entirely different story when you’re changing into your first ‘barely there’ outfit and thinking “well, here goes nothing!”

It may help you breathe a little easier knowing that almost every single client says with a big smile “You made that way easier than I thought it would be!” It’s my job to make you look fabulous and I take great pride in doing so. Everything in our shoot will be aimed at making you look your ultimate best, as you are – not after dieting for three months, injecting heaps of Botox or going to the gym seven days a week – but right now, as you are today sitting there reading this message.

Each of us are different; our bodies, our preferences and of course what we want out of a photo shoot. When we work together everything is custom tailored for YOU. I always give my personal, undivided attention to every one of my clients which makes a tremendous difference in your comfort level and the quality of your photographs. You can feel confident knowing that I will always be the one answering your emails, taking your photo and working with your images afterward. You are never a cog in a tired formula.

The lighting, wardrobe, props, setting, hair/make-up styling and accessories are designed to bring out your beauty, your vibe, your oomph! I’ll work with your curves and angles to highlight your strengths and favourite assets while downplaying anything you prefer not to have front and center.

When all is said and done you’ll walk away with drop dead gorgeous photographs where you look perfectly… YOU.

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