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Katie Refling is a Toronto Boudoir Photographer specializing in artistic nude, boudoir, portrait and glamour photography. Her ability to draw out the unique allure and sensuality of her clients has brought her to the forefront of the exciting and intimate field of artistic nude and boudoir photography in Toronto and abroad. Female empowerment underscores Katie’s photography and it is this driving force in her photo shoots that has drawn media attention to her stunning body of work. Katie enjoyed a star turn as the photographer on the TV show How To Look Good Naked and coverage in numerous international magazines and publications, including People and Best Health. Her imaginative and distinctive style captures the spirit of the woman in the portrait and leaves a lasting impression that goes far beyond superficial beauty and sexuality.

Wondering who books their own nude and boudoir photoshoot?

Artistic Nude and Boudoir Photography
– You, The Beautiful Clients:


Katie Refling’s clients come from all walks of life (from all places too, not just Toronto) – from soon-to-be brides, to women celebrating 50, a major weight loss, an acceptance of how they look and feel or a new and exciting time in their life. From women needing a self-esteem boost or arriving at the studio because their partner gifted them with a boudoir photo shoot so they could see how sexy and beautiful they truly are, to women wanting to capture themselves in a way they can look back on and say, “Wow, I was hot!”.

Most importantly, Katie Refling’s nude and boudoir clients are not models (there isn’t one professional model in Katie’s portfolio), and for the most part, it is their first photo shoot. Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws and insecurities, but you’ve come to the photo shoot to embrace yourself and your body, from your jiggly bits to your best feature. As one of Katie’s first clients said, “Women should not be embarrassed or ashamed of their bodies but rather she should celebrate it.”

What Clients Have To Say About Katie Refling

“I was very nervous driving to my boudoir photo shoot with Katie, but my fears were instantly gone when I walked in Katie’s gorgeous boudoir studio and had a a quick chat with her. Her energy took away all of my anxiety and I continued to feel more and more at ease during the shoot. By the end of our session, I was walking around in my lingerie like nobody’s business and I felt so sexy! Katie, I want to thank you so much for this amazing experience; I will look back on these gorgeous photos with such great memories for years to come. I never thought I would ever in a million years be brave enough to book my own boudoir photography session, let alone absolutely fall in love with the photos and experience.”
K, Toronto
“I’ve always been self-conscious about my body and suffered from low self-esteem. This photo shoot was an amazing experience because it taught me to really like myself just the way I am. My boudoir photo shoot was was liberating and empowering. After seeing my photos (wow, I really went nude!), I was absolutely thrilled that Katie was able to capture my “true beauty”. I know it sounds corny but it’s true and I guess that’s why I chose Katie in the first place. Her pictures stood out from the other boudoir photographers because they were about the women and not just about their bodies. I would definitely work with Katie again because I’m now one of her biggest fans. She has a remarkable eye and an obvious talent, not just with boudoir photography, but with making her clients feel very comfortable. I think so highly of Katie that I’ve been singing her praises since my photo shoot. I’ve been encouraging my female friends that doing a boudoir photo shoot (and even doing a few artistic nude photos) like this is something that every woman should do at least once in their lifetime. Women should not be embarrassed or ashamed of their bodies but rather she should celebrate it.”
G, Toronto
I happened to be watching the show “How to Look Good Naked Canada” one evening and there was Katie responsible for the nude and boudoir photoshoot. A female boudoir photographer whose expertise was being supported and used by a show on television. I looked Katie up on the internet and viewed some of her work posted there and decided to contact her, not even bothering to check out any other boudoir photography websites. After sending me some package pricing that appeared very reasonable, I decided to take the plunge and set up a boudoir photography appointment.

I had no intention of posing fully nude as I felt that I was only worthy of carefully draped sheeting and hand placement. Katie made me feel very comfortable with her as well as with my body that in fact I not only ordered my more modest poses, but also some of the fully “exposed” (so to speak) ones as well. I was very impressed with Katie’s professionalism and the quality of her work and would recommend anyone considering a nude and boudoir photo shoot to review her work and just go for it. You will not be disappointed.


See The Studio

Feel at ease in Katie Refling’s character filled boutique nude, boudoir & portrait photography studio in the heart of Toronto, just off Queen Street E. With exposed brick, hardwood floors, a claw foot tub, funky furniture and lots of locations to shoot in, it doesn’t get better than this.


How To Look Good Naked

Featured As Lead Photographer

Katie Refling and her nude & boudoir photography appeared in “How To Look Good Naked Canada” on the W Network. Katie Refling was the lead boudoir photographer and consultant for the show.